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Protein Characterization

Protein Characterization & Modification

We offer a range of methods to characterize your protein and can specifically modify proteins with a variety of labels. Depending on the specific properties of your protein, we can also perform activity and functional assays.

  • Biophysical parameters (amino acid analysis, sequencing, circular dichroism, mass spectrometry, cysteine content determination)
  • Solubility/stability screening with various storage conditions
  • Soluble aggregate studies (analytical size exclusion chromatography)
  • Enzyme activity
  • Denaturing studies
  • SDS-PAGE or Western blotting
  • Protein Modification

Modification using biochemical or enzymatic methods

  • Avidin-biotin technology
  • Antibody conjugation
  • Fluorescent labeling
  • Metabolic or biochemical labeling of non-radioactive labels
  • Controlled proteolytic modification and deglycosylation
  • Assessment of modification efficiencies, final product yield, purity, and mass