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Gene Cloning services

Gene Cloning services

Gene Cloning services include Cloning and Sub-cloning. The expression vectors we use are optimized for high level expression. The Sub-cloning procedure also provides gene manipulation including tag fusion, cleavage site insertion. If you do not have a gene available, we can close the gene based on the provided accession number. Here is a break down of the cloning procedure that we offer:

  • Amplify your gene of interest from a cDNA library, genomic DNA or a Bac clone by PCR
  • Clone the PCR product into a cloning vector and then
  • Sub-clone the gene into our expression vector
  • The cloned gene will be sequenced in both orientations to ensure the quality

Gene Synthesis Services:

If your gene of interest is rare in nature or the genetic material containing your gene is hard to get, it could be difficult and costly to clone your gene-of-interest by gene cloning. In these cases we synthesize your gene-of-interest de novo. By synthesizing oligos overlapped each other at the ends, these oligos can be annealed and extended to form a full length gene.

Due to the nature of oligo synthesis,mutations, especially deletions are happened often in these synthesized genes. These dramatically limit the gene size and increase the cost of the gene synthesis. By a novel mutation removing technique, we can efficiently synthesize gene in large size.

Site-directed Mutagenesis:

Whether you want to manipulate your gene for expressing mutated proteins or other purposes, we can help you manipulate the gene by site directed insertion, deletion, or point mutagenesis.