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Protein Purification

Protein Purification

Purified protein is indispensable for research and drug discovery programs. Alna-Bioscience has extensive experience and expertise in protein purification from multiple sources including bacteria, yeast, insect, plant, mammalian cells or tissue sources. The starting material can be generated in-house or provided by the client. We perform purification from research to high- throughput screening scale quantities. Our services are customized to identify efficient and cost-saving methods that accelerate your research.

Standard portein purification

  • Protein denaturation and refolding
  • Affinity purification: IMAC, GST, FLAG, Myc, HA, heparin, phosphocellulose, antibody matrices, custom matrices
  • Classic chromatography: ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion, dye-ligand, regular and reverse-phase HPLC